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music box

For the music box and also antique dealers who take pleasure in a challenge and also like to do innovative crafts, making their very own music box can be great deals of enjoyable! Here are instructions to make an unique music box called “Around The World.” This was taken from Sharon Ganske’s book, “Making Magnificent Songs Boxes”.

Products Needed

Incomplete recipe box, 5 3/4″ large X 3 3/4″ deep X 4″ high 18-note-key-wind music movement T-bar winding trick, 3/4″ De’ coupage Sandpaper Wood Sealant


Decorative Accessories for Music Box

Array of stamps Welcoming card or postcard with traveling picture 2 brownish ultra-sued strips, 1/2″ broad X 16 1/2″ long 2 clasps, 1/2″ 4 brass edge braces, 5/8″ Hasp catch, 1 3/4 X 5/8″ Little lock

Polymer Paint Shade: Blue-gray


Adhesives as well as Spray Sealant:


Commercial strength glue Ugly glue Gloss spray sealer


Tools and also Brushes:


Pierce with 1/4″ drill little bit Hammer Old paintbrushes Paintbrush Leader Scissors X-acto knife


Step-By-Step Setting up

Tip One: Making use of sandpaper, sand box. Using an old paintbrush, apply wood sealant to box adhering to maker’s instructions. Allow to dry extensively.

Step Two: Utilizing a paintbrush, paint box inside as well as outside with blue-gray acrylic paint.

Step Three: Making use of an old paintbrush, use a slim layer of decoupage to box and also sides of cover, functioning an area about 3″ square at a time. Place stamps on box and cover sides, overlapping them as preferred. Stamps must be positioned over opening between cover and also box-it will be reduced open later. Utilizing a ruler as well as an X-acto blade, cur greeting card to fit top of box. Apply a slim coat of decoupage to lid top as well as location card in position.

Tip 4: Making use of an old paintbrush, apply a thin layer of Ugly glue to wrong side of one ultra-suede strip. Beginning at bottom front left edge, 3/4″ in from side and also 1 1/2″ from base, press strip to box. Move a clasp on and make a tiny hole to accomodate the stem of the clasp at facility 1″ from the end. Utilizing scissors, reduced edges of ultra-suede strip on a 45-degree angle. Repeat procedure for remaining ultra-suede strip on opposite of box. Allow to completely dry extensively.

Tip Five: Utilizing the X-Acto blade, very carefully cut opening between box and also lid, beginning at the back.

Tip 6: Drill a 1/4″ opening at center back of box 3/4″ from bottom. Utilizing industrial strength glue, glue music activity inside box, making certain winding-key shaft is centered in hole. Enable to dry extensively.

Tip Seven: Meticulously hammer edge brackets on box. Turn the box back-side down, facility hasp catch, as well as meticulously embed nails. Pull padlock on hasp catch, and also wind on winding key. Load your box with favored holiday images.

Making your own music box can be a fun craft task for a rainy day, lazy summertime day, or really anytime! Why not take the plunge, as well as make one today?

Author: Billy